Enough is Never Enough

Some of the most enjoyable boating is done when you can see the bottom.

Isn’t it nice to just enjoy your light and agile shallow draft catamaran while the rocks and sand visibly race by below the surface?  You have to wonder then if your boat is as light as it can practically be.  Is all that ‘essential’ stuff insisted upon for every possible contingency really necessary?

Scenic Boating

Scenic boating with the bottom in view

It could weigh your boat down unnecessarily.


Vessel approaches shore to embark early catamaran yacht design class

I think ‘agility’ should be a marine performance term, with agile, nimble, sprightly, lively; all being desirable descriptors.

Agility may get you off a lee shore, or help you manoeuvre smartly in tight circumstances.

Agility may be hindered by an excess of weight but, you know what they say…

“You can’t have too much anchor chain!”


Chicken ship owner prepares to stow ground tackle selected for any contingency

“You can’t have too much auxiliary power!”

auxiliary power

Early promotion for fireproof auto racing garments

“You can’t have too much watermaker capacity!”


OK, see, it’s got pontoons, you can tow it along behind

“You can’t have too much fuel capacity!”

fuel capacity

Hey you need fuel? Ok, I can get more fuel

“You can’t be too fashion conscious!”

float shoes

Man with last year’s ‘kayak pants’ covets this year’s ‘float shoes’.

“You can’t have too much hot water!”

hot water

Vetus introduces tandem water heater designed for the serious cruiser

‘You can’t have too many batteries!”

battery bank

“After I get done with the forward bank, I start on the aft.”

“You can’t have too many solar panels!”

solar panels

“New solar powered electric hybrid catamaran (two he-hulls) donkey prod

“You can’t have too much gen set capacity!”

gen set

Honestly, does this set make my boyfriend’s boat look small?

“You can’t have too much entertainment equipment!”


Weight of early sub-woofer sinks entire French marina, life carries on.

“You can’t have too many navigation aid devices!”

nav aid

Apparently missed 1 and 2? Note; careful boaters always attach a mooring line.

“You can’t have too many hulls!.”


A misconceived multihull concept runs aground. (Eight hulls!)

“You can’t have too many engine room accessories!”

engine room

Inflatable engine room ‘dolls’ give confidence to modern cruising vessel owner

“You can’t have too many engine gauges!”


Prototype Antares 44 helm panel, starboard engine bank

“You can’t have too many wheels!”


French charter cat experiments with visibility from multiple helm positions (12?)

“You can’t have too much accessory design advice!”

sailing cat

Design notes for the Antares MKII

“You can’t be too careful when confronted with clever equipment marketing!”


Hypnotic ad recently devised for unscrupulous marketing campaign

The equipment salesmen hardly have to work anymore.  Though their sales pitches may be tempered by at least some vestigial ethical sensibility, they will be conservative in contrast to internet opinion.

This latter source of endorsement is overwhelmingly motivated by (perhaps innocent) bragging.  This is a natural and acceptable aspect of the yachting mentality but a very subjective and unreliable source for advice.  The fellow who has just been sold an excess of something that he realizes too late he will be obliged to transport around everywhere he goes, is hardly likely to say, “That was dumb.” The first thing he’ll do is try to sell someone else on the idea, get safety in numbers.

Tubby offers provisioning advice on the internet.


Alvin is obviously the builder of Tubby’s boat

Remember, “You can’t have too much fun with her!”

fun cat

Note; Resale value may be adversely affected by ‘statement’ hull colours and graphics!

And don’t forget,

“You can’t have too many ducks!”

ducks in a row

Note: Melody always gets her ducks in a row