So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

If mystified by the title, see;,_and_Thanks_for_All_the_Fish

Bad News first;

My source of recompense for the last eight years has dried up like the Aral Sea. Regular followers may have noticed that I haven’t had much to say for a few seasons, so I guess maybe I dried up first?

arid-desset-ship In any case, the company building the cruising catamaran design you have all grown to love and admire has unexpectedly lost its buoyancy and gone down all standing.


This event has unfortunately hurt many people in their pocketbooks and their expectations. The problems have been of the financial nature, an unfortunately common boat building business characteristic.

The Good News;

Your ocean cruising future need not be threatened with disappointment; the Argentina yard that has been building the boats remains totally intact and functional with all tooling and experienced personnel at hand.

cruise-ship-constructionReally though, arrangements have been made to complete boat construction underway and continue production in the future. If you want to speak with the yard concerning your Antares 44 project, you can presently contact Memo Castro who has been building the boats for the last eight years and would love to discuss things with you –

No! That is not Memo, and that is not a boat owner!

No! That is not Memo, and that is not a boat owner!

The Antares Yachts web site remains active at this time though in flux;

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